• Custom-Molded Rubber Products

    Omni Seals will create any custom-molded products per your specifications.

  • O-Rings and Kits

    We offer O-Rings in many standard sizes and various material grades to suit a wide range of temperature and chemical resistance requirements.

  • Specialty Seals

    Omni Seals was founded on the ability to mold high-performance seals for specialized and demanding applications.

  • Diaphragms

    From simple designs to bonded diaphragms constructed of multiple materials, we can mold to your exact specifications.

  • Manufacturing Molding facilities are available for both high-volume, mass-produced parts and small batches of prototypes.
  • Materials R&D Our chemists and engineers can custom-tailor an elastomeric compound for your unique application.
  • Elastomer Lab The elastomer lab at Omni Seals conducts the full range of mechanical property and ASTM International tests.

Reliability Across Applications

From oil and gas to aerospace, we custom manufacture high-quality rubber products for a wide range of industries.

High Standards

Our ISO 9001-certified facility houses a sophisticated in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing machines.

Excellence in Oil & Gas

We improved roller cone bit seal reliability for Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, by more than 100% over a 10-year period.

Omni Seals provides high-quality custom-molded seals and rubber solutions to diverse industries worldwide, including oil and gas, aerospace, valve and pump manufacturing, medical, agricultural, food handling, plumbing, and recreational product industries. Since 2010 we have been part of Schlumberger, the world’s leading supplier of oilfield services, with the benefit of extensive resources and expertise. Working in close collaboration to meet stringent specifications, we are now a principal supplier of seals to Schlumberger. Items are manufactured to exact customer specifications and every product is proprietary to the customer. We tackle the toughest product designs, develop successful materials, and deliver finished products on time, every time.